Saturday, September 10, 2011

Drills and Impact Drivers

Buying a Cordless Drill or Impact Driver is a great way to start a tool collection or just upgrade a what you already have. My very first power tool was a 9-volt Makita cordless drill and let me tell you, I was psyched! I thought I could build anything with my new cordless drill.  It had power, (so I thought) it could drill, drive screws, it did it all. Then I tried my friend’s new 12-volt Dewalt drill. WOW, what power! (So I thought) and this conversation could continue on and on through a set of Dewalt 18-Volt tools and then a set of Milwaukee 18-volt tools and a few others along the way that came and went so fast they are not worth a mention. And yes, I still have and use most of the aforementioned tools. Although with new developments in cordless batteries in the last few years, I tend to pick them up less and less. The new Lithium-ion batteries out-perform any “old school” battery by leaps and bounds. Not only are the batteries longer lasting, much lighter, and faster charging, but the tools have more power as well.
In the process of building a deck on his home, my friend complained that his “old school” 18-volt cordless kit was not holding charges very well and running out of power.  I lent him my Makita 18-volt Lithium-ion combo kit that includes a drill and an impact gun.  The Makita Drill will out drive any older model drill and is half the weight. The Impact Driver is even lighter and will sink a 3 1/2-inch screw like a hot knife through butter. That was 3 weeks ago and needless to say, I can’t get them back. (Luckily it’s my extra set.)

Some nice features of the Makita combo set include:
•  Ultra light frame and batteries
•  Built-in belt clip (not included on all models)
•  A built-in flashlight (something I didn’t know I needed until I had it)
•  Quick charge batteries or extended life batteries

But the best feature of all is the Makita Drill feels good in my hand, has great balance, and provides uncompromised performance. These drills are the workhorses of my toolbox. I use them daily and have owned this set for over two years now. They have been dropped from ladders, fallen off the back of my truck at 45 mph TWICE (in their soft case), and even worse, they have been used by my helpers. Even after all that, they work as good as the day I bought them.  I must mention that one of my four batteries is starting to go bad, but probably due to leaving them in extreme cold most of the winter.

So pick up a Makita Impact Driver and you will never want to drive a screw with anything else again. At least not until they come out with another new model. 

Makita Drill               Makita Combo kit     Milwaukee Combo Kit

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  1. I just moved out and I've been thinking that I really need to start getting my own tools. I actually do want to purchase an impact driver, but I'm just not sure exactly what style or brand I want. Maybe I too should get an extra set in case the klepto neighbors have a hard time returning it.


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